Website Idea

On a tutorial with Ksenia, we’ve also discussed an idea to set up a website instead of producing a physical game. It is a brilliant way to deliver a board game and can be a fantastic chance to take board games out of its traditional media. I immediately started researching and thinking about how to make it real.

When we were talking with Ksenia, we’ve discussed an idea of sending the character cards via email. Still, it doesn’t really work in terms of my game. I’ve sketched and wrote some basic ideas on how a website can operate and went to Graphic Designers, who are better in coding than we are.
They’ve suggested some tips, tutorials and programmes, and also told me that it won’t be too hard to create this website. So I took it into account and went on with thinking about it.
Basically, if the Situation Cards will be printed, players would need tree phones to play the game. One will be with an Open Counter link open, another with Closed Counter for Dream and Reality and the other when updated will show whether the situation on the card is a Dream or a Reality. 
Actually, setting up a website like that would reduce a lot of work on packaging, if I find a way to take Situation Cards to the site too, it will be an excellent way to simplify the process.
However, I am still worried, as I’ve never worked with websites and have no idea how to make all the functions work. I also worry that a website might not work well on the phone or have certain limitations because of the internet connection. The best way to do it will still be an app, but that is unreal.
I came back to the website idea when the lockdown has started. It seemed an excellent way to present the work and also gave me all the changes of running a successful playtest. However, it didn’t take me long to realise that even though the website is a fantastic media in the circumstances, I have zero experience of working with coding. And yes, it would be cool to create a website, but I have to be reasonable and understand which things I can learn during the project and which not. Through those three years, I have done several projects where I learnt something on the go, though I don’t think FMP is the right time to learn new things and experiment that much. Switching to the website was dangerous in terms of being stuck in the learning process, and not being able to produce the final outcome.