Initially, I was planning to record a playtest and create a small video of it into the submission for the project. That’s why I needed preparation. I did zoom backgrounds and a sort of tablecloth bg for the recording. However, I quickly understood that I have no idea how to make the game work in zoom. That’s why before making a playtest, I did a draft playtest without backgrounds and tablecloth.
I had to make it in Russian because I didn’t want my BHSAD friends to participate and I wanted people, who are into board games to try and play it. I tried to get criticism and to see how people react to the cards. I was planning to give subtitles to the “promotion video”. I did though ask Liza to play, because at the last moment one of my original players had issues to solve, and I was searching for another player.
It was fun. It lasted for around 5 hours, and we’ve recorded around 4 hours of playthrough. The game quickly proved to be fun for all the players and even for me, who was just watching them play and moderating the session. I was showing them pictures through sharing the screen and sending some of the cards through personal telegram chats. However, the screenshare works weirdly, and at some point, I just started sending them all the materials and screensharing was just for the video. 
Reflection on Playtest
I was glad to finally try the game with all the visuals ready. Surprisingly, everything worked effectively, and even on the pictures that I doubted players still found a lot to talk about. Despite my worries, the game was involving all the players, and they all were actively asking questions and answering them. Though I had to share the primary phrase of the rules on the screen, players quickly got used to the algorithm, and I kept the expression just in case. We did a full game once, and then I switched their roles, and we played once again.At the point of the recording, the playtest I already knew that it would be unreal to make a good video out of the material recorded, but I still wanted to try.
Playtest Review from Player I
Roles: Dream, Dream
The game is exciting, and now I want to understand what it's like to play as a Human. In terms of evidence, it's much easier to prove that the card is a dream because it is not necessary to take into account the logic or inconsistency of what is happening. Pictures are quite absurd. But when it is needed to affirm that situation is real, it becomes much more complicated, but, at the same time, more enjoyable.
The visuals are very cool. On the other hand, due to the style of the time, cards become specific. There is an idea that this would be an excellent addition, but the main game could be more modern. Just because sometimes the form or quality of an object causes specific associations with the time frame. But I'm not sure. However, the style significantly affects the argumentation, so this can be taken into account later.
Playtest Review from Player II
Roles: Human, Reality
I liked the game. Firstly, it has an interesting concept. It is equally entertaining to play both for Humans and for Dream and Reality. Aim grabs you within all roles. Secondly, illustrations are detailed and great to examine, they provoke arguments both for and against it being a Dream. It is cool to play for Reality and try to persuade everyone that fingers in the suitcase are not real, but props. Great, that everyone is involved in the game and you quickly become a part of it. I think it can be a great game to play both with people you know and with ones that you’ve just met. It would be great to have more cards and more illustrations.
Playtest Review from Player III
Roles: Human, Human
Good company, good playtest, good game. The game is consuming. The moment when you hold on some detail to understand whether it is a dream or Reality, and start asking questions, it’s hard to stop. I feel like in my case following the truth/lie of Reality and Dream wasn’t that important when I managed to persuade myself that it is Dream on the picture. Illustrations have a great atmosphere, some of them are really surreal, for example, one with the window and water and another in the kitchen with knives. I wasn’t aiming that much to finding out who is Dream and who is Reality, it was more involving to argue and ask questions.
Playtest Review from Player IV 
Roles: Reality, Human
It was fun!
As I’ve said, it’s a cool game to take to the festivals, where people change a lot and don’t stay for long. People there like to do odd stuff and play such games in their spare time. As methods of arguing and arguments are different for other people, this game can be different every time you play it with diverse groups of people. It can be an excellent team-building tool and create discussions afterwards.