At the very beginning of the project, I worked on the sizes of each card. It was an important thing to do before designing and drawing. So, when I‘ve started, I had sises for each card. However, while I was developing the game sizes changed. I decided to put this in the Packaging Section because the sizes of the cards affect the packaging size.
I’ve researched card I have and some popular card sizes. At the beginning of the project, these were my sizes.
Situation Cards 145x90
Character Cards 65x90
Game Score Counter 90x270
Truth Cards 65x45

I tried keeping them different in terms of proportions, but still having equal sides, so they are different, but also similar in a way. 
After Kiss and Burn Cards appeared and the Game Score Counter changes, I’ve added some more sizes to the first set and then started thinking, which variation is better. I took the same dimensions, printed out several versions of blank cards and then tested it out with real visuals I had at this point. I’ve also tested them compared to the approximate size of a box I want for the game.
Later in the project, I’ve rethought the packaging, and the box became longer. It was more efficient, and the box of that size would be recognizable on the shelf. I also counter how wide should my box be measured from the thickness of cards and the materials they would be produced of. Moreover, the more extended version of the box allows me to keep mirrors around the size of A5 piece of paper, which is a decent size for this object.


As my overall reference style is the 50′s, I’ve started researching some 50′s packaging.
I’ve also researched some fonts that might be suitable for the time. Most of the fonts from 50′ are actually the ones we use now, like Helvetica, Gill Sans or Futura, but there were also some interesting ones. However, as I want this project to be a part of my portfolio. I need to purchase the fonts for commercial use. It costs money and sometimes it requires a lot. So I picked some different versions during the research, but I won’t be able to buy some of them.
Swung Note is one of my favourites, however, when I’ve seen it not on the promotion poster, I understood, that it actually looks like The Luckiest Guy font.
I’ve also looked at some of the examples from my research and understood that one of the fonts is actually Futura (or something remarkably similar).
The other font is also really common, but I didn’t find it. I only found something like Permanent Marker of Marker Felt.
I’ve also tried to look for something that suits the mood of the project. To aid the choice process, I’ve made a file with different typefaces I’ve downloaded to see which works better and which creates the mood.And I ended up actually failing everything. And then I had a chat with girls from GD course, and they’ve suggested moving on to visuals of the packaging before choosing the typeface so that the font is just something that supports it. And at the end of the project, I actually only based everything on the visuals, so typeface choice was quite fast.
Before the quarantine, I was anxious about the packaging, because it is hard to find a production, that will create packaging I like. I’ve considered options like making a metal packaging or a bag instead of a box. However, all of those doesn’t really work. First of all, most of the board game player store their game of shelves in boxes. Secondly, Mirrors would be quite fragile, and the box will keep them safe.
I also considered different types of boxes, and even though I really like the “pouch” box design, a regular box is much better for the game, players and storage purposes. So, in the end, if I was to produce the box, I would probably do something like the box on the last picture. 


Sketching for the packaging was a long process that lasted from March to May because I’ve never worked with packages before and it was hard to come up with something decent, something that I will like.
Also, it was a process tightly connected to the title of the game, and it was quite tough too.
The first working title was “Sleep Well”, so I did some mockups with it. I was mostly using my references from the research and patterns I’ve created using references from the 50’s clothing patterns.
After coming up with the final title for the game, I've tried again to work with '50's designs. However, it didn't work out well, and Ksenia suggested moving from the '50s and making something that will reflect the game.
At first, I was lost, not knowing what to do, but then I’ve started noticing exciting patterns in the boxes I’ve researched. I’ve also tried to embrace the mirror topic. However, it didn’t work again, as it was too busy and I couldn’t find interesting compositions for that. Also, while I was doing that, I tried to make mockups, to visualise better. However, the proportions of the box were wrong, it gave me an understanding, whether it works. 
The last version was an experiment. I was stuck, had no ideas, and then I understood that image my friends were drawn to the most, was the image with suitcases. And I thought that it would be interesting to put on the design of the box the actual contents of the box, so I did this image.
I struggled with typeface a lot, though I’ve chosen Gill Sans Bold in the versions above, I wanted something special, something handwritten to support the look of the game. But in the end, after some weird experiments, I took Gill Sans and went with it, adding textures as a mask.
In the end, I also gave the box a sort of fake old look. I like how the textures look and feel that they provide.

Final Mockup