Ms Reality

Switching to digital at that stage gave me more freedom for adjusting and experimentation. I already had my basic shapes of the character, now I need to add more body language, emotional expressions, colour and clothes to those basic shapes.
At first, I was just remaking and adjusting the silhouettes I had on my pencil sketches. Working with a portrait in digital was more challenging, but it gave me a chance to test a more detailed and finalised version of the Reality character.
I had to change things right while drawing, because one idea looked better than the others, and I had to rework my original portrait and silhouette a lot. Also, the sketchy version of Reality had a specific facial expression, she was looking at Dream. This emotion no longer made science. However, I wanted to keep it, because it added life to a character.
At some point, I was worried about this character design, and I remembered that I had an idea to make my characters into anthropomorphic animals. So I’ve tried doing a bird version of Reality, but it didn’t work out.