Mr Dream

Even though at the very beginning of the character development the image of Dream in my head was much clearer, than the image of Reality, the process of actually drawing the final Reality character appeared to be easier. Maybe because I was not stuck with some picture in my head, I was kind of going with the flow around my pencil sketch.
It was different with Mr Dream. Even though I’ve picked a 50′s style, I was not able to find enough male references from that time. Well, there are a lot of them, but much less when it comes to suitable options. One of the hardest bits was the haircut. I needed something quite shabby for this character, but all the looks in 50′s were sleek and tidy. I had to google actors and writers to find something. However, I ended up with something completely experimental.
I was worried that it doesn’t fit in the style timeframe, but by the end of the project, he feels quite natural with all the other cards. I do like this design at the end, though I kept doubting it for quite a long time in March.
I wanted to add this small golden spider to the design, but unfortunately, it didn’t fit.