Mirror Cards

When the lockdown has just started, I understood that there are no significant complications for my project. However, there is a question of should I do the Mirror Cards or not.
At that stage, I still was thinking that I will do a mockup at the end, so I was worried about how they will look and how I will create them in 3D programs. However, on one of the tutorials, Bill reassured me that it will be okay and reminded that Mirrors are a unique feature of my game and they should stay.
The idea of mirror-shaped cards evolved naturally from my process. However, it was also inspired by two games Quacks of Quedlinburg and Potion Explosion. Both of the games have fantastic cardboard components, which make the game stand out on conventions.
Before the quarantine, I had made four variants of the shapes for the mirror. I was mostly referencing real ones, thought thinking about the material. I could not include any intricate shapes, as they will be easy to break. So, with the help of my peers, I’ve chosen the third version, the round one.
Based on the chosen shape, I’ve started doing different sketches and trying multiple designs. There was a long evolution of round mirrors, as we’ve talked about them on tutorials. I did the first version, but it seemed off, so Chris suggested changing the contrast. I did the darkened version later and the floral one too. Thought they still were not satisfying. On the last tutorial with Ksenia, she mentioned that those mirrors look too medieval, and I agreed. After that, I did try to work with a round shape for a bit. It didn’t work out, though, and I’ve finally changed the shape.
It wasn’t all easy with this version of a mirror. I’ve quickly developed the front side, leaving it as simple as possible, and switched to the back. It took me a while and a lot of help from the tutors to develop the back of the mirror that I like.
These are my final mirror designs.