Kiss and Burn Cards

Before I started the work on the Closed Counter, I did the Truth Cards Design. This design inspired my ideas for the Kiss and Burn Cards. 
When I started the work, I knew I need some distinctive feature for both of the characters. This leads me to several ideas.

  • a cigarette holder for Dream and lipstick for Reality;
  • both characters doing the “shush” sign;
  • character silhouettes;
  • a kiss and a burn from Truth Cards;
  • a detail of a character from character card;

And the best ideas were the kiss and the burn and the silhouette. I had to do what I call a “Style Check”. And although simple silhouette cards were stylistically more suitable, the Kiss and Burn ones supported the Truth Cards aesthetics more. Also, Kiss and Burn are overall more interesting and kind of give a feeling of a character rather than the same profiles again.