Counter Stuggle

There are two types of counters needed for the game, one is a counter for all of the players, and the other is just for Dream and Reality characters. Initially, I was planning to have a different section for each type of counter. However, I worked on those simultaneously, so it was hard to divide the process.
However, while from the beginning of the project, I had some idea about the Game Score Counter, I had no idea how to make a Closed Counter, that will only be visible for two players.
Initially, I was planning to base my Game Score Counter or Open Counter on the designs I’ve seen in Secret Hitler or Cards Against Humanity. However, this changed along with the process of searching for Closed Counter resolution.
I’ve looked at different types of counters in different games, but most of them are either visible for all the players of the game or are private to each player.
Here is some basic research for the Closed Counter.
I took several games with Hidden Victory Points mechanic to see which types of counters they have. And I was kind of disappointed because most of those games just use small chips that you take and turn over so that nobody can count your points. Everybody can see which one you are taking, the game is just too long to remember all of them for every player. The counter that actually does suit me the most is the “detective notebook” from the “Clue”.
Some games don’t provide counters for their players. For example, the game I mention a lot – Munchkin. Even though it is a game where everyone needs to see your score, there is nothing in the box that helps you to do it. We used to use coins to count levels, and later we started using d10 dice. Though there are several apps that help you calculate your progress, most of them appeared much later, after the game became popular. Also, most of them are not free, and if you are not playing Muchnkin a lot, there is no reason to buy an app. 
Though I know the examples of not providing the counter, I still wanted my game to be full and user friendly. It also seemed more comfortable to explain the rules when you tell them with the existing counter.