Counter Ideas

After weeks of struggling with different ideas, I had a tutorial with Ksenia. She suggested using the type of paper that players will be able to write on and then later erase. But then I came up with two more ideas, one of them will actually be the final for now, as I find it the most suitable and efficient for my game.  
So, the first idea was to build the counter based on a game called “Four in a Row”. Basically, the same structure and the same object, but a bit smaller, can function as a good counter, not visible for some players and visible for the others.
However, as it was suggested on one of the peer tutorials, this counter will require several small objects, that are easy to loose during the game and it either makes the game box bigger or must be disassemblable.
And also on the peer tutorial, most of the people just supported the other, more simple idea, saying, that it’s more convenient and handy.