Coding Attempts

The best way to create a closed counter for two players in a game for four would be to create an app. There are multiple apps for different games on Appstore and Play Market, they are for various games and needs of the players and I quite often use them for level counting in games.
And it would be ideal to create such a counter for my game, so it is shared between two people, and it is on their phones, so they don’t have to use pen and paper, they just need to install an app.
It is the best for the game, mechanic and player, but there is no way I can do that without any knowledge in UI and UX.
However, I did try to download X-Code and build some basic app with a tutorial. And if I had a bit more time, it would be possible to build a simple functioning app for just one counter, but it won’t launch, because of the policy of AppStore. So I’ve tried, I’ve spent a couple of days working, but I gave up. As it was 100% not efficient and not beneficial for the project, though it was a cool though.