Character Development

To aid my character design process, I have watched a series of lecture on Linda on Character Design. Although these were lectures for bookmakers and animators, it was still a really insightful course, that gave me a basic idea of where to start with Character Design.
I was planning to develop the full height character from the very beginning because I will need those characters for my situation cards, but I have started to think about a character from a portrait. It might not be a good solution, but for me, it makes the process easier. Through drawing the portrait, I develop the character image in my head. After understanding which of the portraits is the best, I start to think about the full body and silhouette. I feel more confident with drawing those portraits, that is why I can experiment with them more, add details, search for a character.
As I have already mentioned, that I started with Reality, and I made several portraits of her. Then, looking back at the portrait on paper, I chose one that was the most “Reality” for me and started to develop her silhouette based on the character I had in my head. The reality for me had a feminine shape. However, she was strict and serious, so I took angular shapes for her silhouette, but made the angles more round.
After creating the silhouette, I’ve progressed onto adding clothes, details and accessories. Photographs from the 1950s were my inspiration for her visual look, clothing and hairstyle.
And at this point, I have switched to digital.
Work with Dream was pretty much the same, I have tried to do the stages in parallel, as I was aiming for the visual similarities and “brother/sister” alikeness for those two. However, my regular tactics of starting with a portrait didn’t work, so I had to develop a silhouette first. It helped me to grab the idea and the mood, and then I was able to continue with a portrait.
My silhouette sketch did help me to imagine the character better, through the silhouette drawings, I found the shape of a Dream, this long, relaxed, long-armed human. From this point, the contrast between the Dream and Reality became more visible for me, which aided the development.